>Amazon.com: Customer Discussions: Advanced theology-the defense of that square circle


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  1. Carneades Hume

    >Theologians never can gainsay that He has as much existence as a square circle. Readers, serious inquirers can make their mark here! I provide through bringing other site messages here and my own articles and posts enough for a thoroughgoing inquiry about His very existence. How can a being without a mind as one without a body would have no brain and therefore no mind per the argument from physical mind make sense we ignostics desire to know? We gnu atheists demand empirical evidence for contra-causal free will and the future state and Heaven and Hell! We as naturalists find that reason demands evidence rather than one supposition on top of another. That's why the God- notion violates the Ockham as it just offers convoluted, ad hoc suppositions! God wills what He wills makes only the tautology that means God did it! Theists can obviate the pseudo-scientific god of the gaps, yet make an explanatory one when He proffers nothing to explanations except intent, and science finds no intent, and per Lamberth's teleonomic argument, then no divine intent can exist for any Big Bang or the patterning of organisms or any other natural phenomenon! Without using intent, He cannot be God, and thus cannot exist. Ti's facile love bombing to proclaim that people can have a relationship with Him. Theists use the argument from misery to find our lives meaningless without Him. They ever use the arguments form incredulity and from ignorance to find Him as needed to explain matters. And their argument from happines fares no better as people vary whatever their religion or lack thereof. Without any evidence, they whine, using the argument from angst that Augustine puts forth as our needing to be in His bosom or Francisco Jose Ayala whines for values and overcoming dread and finding our own purposes and human love and this one life insufficient. And WLC expatiates on this whining! "Logic is the bane of theists." Please bring other serious inquirers here to push along this inquiry!

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