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  1. Carneades Hume

    >I take the compatibilist view that causes influences, but we still can determine them. My psychological being was so bad that I got counseling and medicine to overcome those problems. They changed my personality and somewhat overcame my depression. I myself therefore changed some of my causes. Soft determinism-compatibilism- means that whilst we are indeed fully caused, we still can change and make choices. This still blasts that contra-causal [ causeless] free will that some view as random and therefore people would be subject to that randomness rather than to their free will. Maybe not. Truly, we need to perform more compassionately, yet I still want retribution from mass murderers! Then again, this non-retributive stance involves incarceration so that the law breaker still suffers the lack of freedom without further suffering. Fellow naturalists, what do you maintain about free will and causes and retribution and punishment?

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