>Obey God-no way!


     Lamberths argument from autonomy notes that in line with Morgan’s Canon and the UN Declaration of the Rights of Man, we are fee beings who owe no God worship nor has any God any rights but only the one-way duty of putting us into a better place per Fr. Meslier’s the problem of Heaven.
       Plat’;s Euthyphro notes that morality has no ground in the gods. Does God makes morality in-which case He can make rape and murder moral or is morality independently of Him? Aquinas begs the question when he claims that His nature is good and thus His moral commandments would be good.
     Theists never will overcome this grave dilemma!
      So, even had He existence, we’d still have to find our own morality.,which I call covenant morality for humanity.
      I hereby call on Norman Geisler, WLC and Alvin Plantinga or any other theist, without any begged questions and other logical fallacies, to overcome these remarks!

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