>Can atheists be trusted? | The Tentative Apologist

>Can atheists be trusted? The Tentative Apologist



  1. Carneades Hume

    >That apologist has it backwards: he begs the question of Paul having the facts for his slander! Ingersoll Bradlaugh declares that as there is no God, none has to bow before Him or follow His commandments!He would owe us a better place per Fr. Mesier's the problem of Heaven- that one-way street! We rationalists,because we have a higher standard- covenant morality for humanity- the presumption of humanism [ Please Google that!],objurgate religious morality as sometimes good but sometimes evil by misanthropists/misogynists, rather than trying to evade Him! We will not follow their evil or silly norms!The apologist begs the very existence of God with faith! Supernaturalists beg the question also by stating that by definition His nature is good! That begged question cannot overcome Plato's Euthyphro! " Logic is the bane of theists." Fr. Griggs

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