>Rationalist Griggsy: John Hick- that EverReady Rationalizer


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What do you think about Fr.Meslier’s argument. I that find it eviscerates all theodicies and defences!
And, besides, morality dictates for any being to put beings into good places.Pace Plato’s Euthyphrpo, we do know that morality applies to any God!
And it does no good to make the begged question of God’s goodness as Aristotle does!
Hick just doesn’t appreciate that morality binds any God! It is not what He desires, but rather what is good for us and other animals! God’s only role, were He to exist, is strictly the one of putting us into that better place!
We have no obligation to any other being per Lamberth’s argument from autonomy that our very level of consciousness, in line with the U.N.’ s Declaration of Human Rights and with Morgan’s Canon.


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