>Biblical Contradictions

>Biblical Contradictions


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  1. Carneades Hume

    >Inerrantists can prattle that the Bible is coherent, but just a glimpse at certain verses betrays the inerrantists obduracy in maintaining the inerrancy of the Bible. The Nativity and Resurrection narratives alone exhume that! The enclosed " Biblical Contradictions" details the contradictions. Ingersoll Bradlaugh urges its viewers to show how both errantists and inerrantists err, and invites the latter to rebut us! And errantists cannot gainsay that that anthology contains much false history and besides contradicting itself, contradicts other aspects of reality. They prattle about its salvific qualities, but so what when we critics find those very qualities absurd. Inerrantists can prattle about saving people from Hell, and both they and errantists can prattle about being born-again, but anyone can change her life with another form of superstition or with rational means. People die for what they believe even if like communism or religion, that emanates from the imagination! However interpreted, Hell is hellish! Some aver that Yeshua overstates his teachings, yet how can one make sense of the one about Hell without changing his pellucid meaning? As Daniel Dennett notes, some people believe in belief whatever the evidence is. I call on errantists to challenge me! Yeshua had an egregious ethic! Inerrantists ever have such ludicrous rationalizations for the contradictions and other matters!I challenge them to show that no contradictions lie in that execrable anthology without far-fetched rationalizations! And that other execrable book the Qur'an fares no better! The Abrahamic religions all lack evidence for their claims! They come from the minds of irrational misanthropes and misogynists! We gnu atheists should pour contempt on those books! What good in them that might be, people can find elsewhere!

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