>The New Atheists’ Narrow Worldview – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education

>The New Atheists’ Narrow Worldview – The Chronicle Review – The Chronicle of Higher Education


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  1. Carneades Hume

    >Asma is wrong about us gnu atheists as many of the commentators note. reality-chick seems to be reality- averse as she cannot fathom that atheists can logically be humanists. I use the terms humanist, naturalist, rationalist and skeptic to denote that not only do I reject God, but also affirm life and reason. Viewrs, what do you claim about the article and any responses and mine? Carneades and Hume eviscerate theism. The arguments from angst and happiness-purpose just are silly. No evidence exists to validate that we suffer if we do not believe in Him or have more happiness or purpose for our lives if we follow Him. Again, He serves no purpose! Yes, some would suffer had they to confront a crisis of disbelief before a tragedy, but generally people already have other social means or can find others to replace church matters. People can learn that their faith in Him to inspire them is no more than their exerting their own inner resources! Should adherents of the paranormal, its twin superstition, hold to the paranormal in order to live well? I suggest that reading Robert Price's "The Reason-Driven Life" and Albert Ellis's ' The Myth of Slef-Esteem" to learn how to lead that more abundant life! Study Paul Kurtz's " The Transcendental Temptation" to learn of the nonsense of the supernatural and the paranormal.

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