>Richard Carrier Blogs: Defining the Supernatural

>Richard Carrier Blogs: Defining the Supernatural


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  1. Carneades Hume

    >The common ground for supernaturalists-theists and naturalists-atheists is the presumption of naturalism as the late Antony Garrard Newton Flew notes,which is like the presumption of innocence in the courts and to which Aquinas himself tries to overcome with his five ways. It is that not only do natural causes reflect the efficient and the necessary but also the primary and the sufficient: they are the , against Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz,and the Necessary Cause. This neither begs the question nor sandbags theists but merely demands evidence for the supernatural. We no more need God for those referents than we need similarly gremlins for mechanics or demons for psychology. As the term God has no referents and it has contradictory and incoherent attributes, we ignostics proclaim its non-existence.We need no more to traverse space or have omniscience for that anymore than for square circle or married bachelors! Why God or no God,viewers? Let this blog be your part of the public square! Know God = no God!

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