>Ingersoll Bradlaugh

>      Col.Robert Green Ingersoll was the great agnostic who took on preachers and the Bible. Charles Bradlaugh was an English atheists who as an ignostic, notes that he does not  know what God means.

     This blog is for those who need to express their views on naturalism versus supernaturalism.Let’s have a spirited,enlightening conversation on this subject which has led to wars and discrimination.
     Why would God allow such evil in His name were He omnipotent, omnibenevolent and omniscient?
     Why would He hide Himself from most of humanity?
   As Allah or Yahweh, why would He establish Hell?
   Outside any scriptures, what is the evidence for free will, Heaven and Hell, and what does instantiate the authority and reliability of any scriptures?
    How can Allah or Yahweh be God with the evils they themselves commit?
 We gnu atheists mean business! We require evidence for God and His attributes. We require reason in this matter as faith is just the we just say so of credulity!
 Viewers, take your  shot at these matters and such! Post whatever length you need to do.


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