>Alfred Jules Ayer was an ignostic, denying  that God has factual meaningfulness. I so agree with him. We ignostics require evidence not only for His referents as Grand Miracle Monger, Grand Actor in history and so forth, but also no evidence for His contradictory and incoherent, all-powerful attributes.
  He then means no more than the unicorn, also a made up notion or Lord Russell’s celestial tea pot or a square circle or married  bachelor.
  This ignosticism pervades all arguments about Him and contrary to A.J.Ayer himself and Theodore Drange  perforce inheres in hard atheism.
  No being can be disembodied with a mind: that blasphemes reason and – the fact that we only experience minds in bodies. This alone eviscerates theism.
  This evidential note would not operate against any scientific theory in principle as any would rely on evidence whereas God in principle here has none unless theists can overcome this ignostic challenge.Here I have a slight disagreement with David Ramsay Steele in ” Atheism Explained: from Folly to Atheism.” He finds that incoherence does not imply meaninglessness, but that is why I ‘m making the distinction betwixt factually and understanding incoherence.And by accepting Maarten’s Pragmatic Methodological Naturalism against the methodological naturalism of the accommodationists  and PZ Myers who rule out the supernatural in principle. My view would allow i,t had it facts and coherence and be consistent.
    We naturalists are empiricists-facts rather than unconfirmed intuitions, traditions or revelations blaspheme reason. We are rationalists who propose that people have to use reason rather than those blasphemed notions to have that more abundant life. We are humanists who find that we humans can ground ethics in our experience and consequences.
  God is no more useful than demons or gremlins in being Leibniz’s Sufficient Reason, but rather a useless redundancy, contrary to Alister Earl McGrath.
   God is no more than that silly God did it!

   Viewers, how can we advance this ignosticism or do you find it wrong? How can one meaninfully have a relationship then with God?

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