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  1. Fr.Griggs

    Lord Bertrand William Arthur Russell advocates using reason rather than faith, traditions and unconfirmed intuitions to frame ones life. One ought to use empiricism- real facts rather than the other and not go beyond them into unjustified building of argumentation.
    He use his celestial tea post so as to get theists to compose valid attributes of God rather than making Him ineffable. He’d strongly abjure Karen Armstrong’s defence of apophatic theology as violating reason with its God is not this or that, His being ineffable. Rather than being a rigorous thinker, using empiricism, she fails to fathom that such is no more than faith, the we just say so of credulity!
    We gnu atheists find such attempts as efforts of the old superstition rather than being the best of theology!
    Clinton Richard Dawkins sees no reason to take on such theologians, but do take them on! He is right that when the case for God’s very existence fails, then theology perforce fails.
    I find that should this advanced theology fail, then why the other arguments? Ah, I do both. It takes much effort to eviscerate argumentation for that square circle [ Google arguments about Him-that square circle.]., because theologians are ever putting old garbage into new trash bins! And it’s fun as one philosopher notes, and I add, good mental exercise!

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